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Who I Am

Product Manager, CSPO, CSM

I'm a multi-discplinary Product Manager with a computer science degree from Tufts University currently living in Boulder, CO.

Using design thinking, product-led development, and Agile methodologies, I specialize in software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and have a broad range of experience across various industries.

Most of all, I am passionate about building experiences users love.

When not releasing something cool, I can be found out on the trails around Boulder climbing, hiking and backpacking with my dog Basil, mentoring aspiring product managers, or brewing my own kombucha!

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Where I've Worked

Expert in B2B SaaS

While I've worked in various industries from enterprise companies like VMware Carbon Black to startups like Vareto, I thrive wherever challenging problems exist to be solved collaboratively.

Beyond my day job, I love to mentor new grads and peers, volunteer in and outside of work, and teach what I know to others.

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How I Work

Communication, Empathy, Analysis

To build truly excellent products, I focus on delivering the right features and products the right way - using ruthless prioritization, driving data analysis and insights, employing product-led strategies and executing with empathy.

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Contact Me

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